Hundreds Pack the Magic Bag for the AJ Lovefest – A Tribute to Beloved Detroit Musician, AJ Abdallah

Posted by admin on Feb 14, 2005 |

AJ Lovefest

Thank you! to each and everyone who walked through the doors at the Magic Bag for the AJ Lovefest on February 14th, AJ’s birthday. To say the least, What a success! An outpouring of generosity and love filled the room. It felt as if AJ was there in spirit to turn the night into pure love and camaraderie.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed, just to name a few: Jeremy of the Magic Bag for opening his theater to us, business owners who donated merchandise and gift certificates, publicity from the local media, the colorful belly dancers and Middle Eastern musicians who gave us an enlightening experience from AJ’s musical roots, his fellow musicians (who shared AJ’s passion for music) gave us the gift of a performance that would have certainly filled AJ with pride and happiness, a film dedicated to AJ (about his life here in Detroit) which truly captured the essence of who AJ was, his many friends who worked tirelessly to organize and coordinate this event, and the people who made generous donations for the benefit of Ian.

The Friends of AJ would like to send a special thanks to Michael Spleet, an excellent digital photographer, for donating some amazing photos of the event. To see the photos, go to the Photos Page.

The film, “ashes to ashes”, by the Brancaleone Brothers is now available on the Video Page.

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