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I met AJ in the early 90s gigging with Pat. He would come out and sit in with us. I did a recording with AJ also. I also have a new CD out next week — “Charles David Stuart Trio Live with Duffy King, James Simonson & Mark Byerly”.

Click here to listen to “AJ”

This was recorded at Memphis Smoke BET 2004 & 2007. There is a tune on the CD called “AJ” dedicated to him (an extended drum solo).



Kevin, Pat, AJ, Charles

Kevin Floyd, Pat Brennan, AJ, Charle David Stuart (photo by left hand!) This is a great photo! The recording session was with/for Pat Brennan at Soup Can Studios.

AJ, Pat, Kevin, Charles

AJ, Pat Brennan, Kevin Floyd, Charles David Stuart (photo by left hand again)


AJ (photo by me)

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