“ashes to ashes” – A film by the Brancaleone Brothers February 14, 2005 (14:00)
Candlelight Vigil Tribute Video Vocals: Linda Racey, Video Editing: Nicole LaDouceur January 9, 2005 (4:21)
AJ plays “Wicked Tears”, “Two Moon Wax” at St. Paul’s on the Lake, Gross Pointe Farms, MI
January 28, 2004 (5:50)
AJ Tells A Joke (25 seconds)
AJ Groovin’ (7 seconds)
“Going Home” – Ken Robinson
“Amazing Grace” - Andre’ Frappier, Ken Robinson, Jerome Day, Larry Przybysz
DJ Linda Lexy (1:16)
Nova (3:03)
Twelfth Hour (3:44)
Zug Island (2:53)
“Boulevard of Broken Hearts” – Missy, Eric & Chucky (3:24)
Nasri speaks on behalf of AJ’s Family (0:46)
Emad with Belly Dancers Sherihan, Lana, Roxann and Jessica (5:08)
“It’s My Joint” - Scattercat w/Tino, Kymberli, Ken, Johnny, Andre’, Jerome and Rodney (4:35)
“Superstition” – Eliza and Thornetta with the Howling Diablos (2:33)
The Orbitsuns (2:52)
Tim Diaz (2:20)
Ferris, Tim Diaz & Kymberli (1:52)
Jody Raffoul (4:32)
The Reefermen (2:39)
“Go Gene Go” – The Howling Diablos (5:47)

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[...] to a NY gig and of-course I said YES! Kenny and I shared the stage with a friend and musician AJ who was killed over music. Kenny told me “AJ was here with us tonight” and I felt him. [...]


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